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BQAN brand was invited to participate in the American exhibition

Mar 23,2024 | bqan beautys

BQAN brand was invited to participate in the American exhibition

On July 13, 2023, BQAN received an invitation from Alibaba International Station to participate in the American industry exhibition, communicate with more industry leaders and peers, discuss the aspects that need to be improved, actively learn the advantages of peers, and also communicate directly with customers to understand customers Demand, in 2019, has accounted for 30% of the market share of the overseas nail industry. BQAN has always been learning and improving with this humble attitude, hoping to bring customers a good experience.

What is the strength of BQAN brand?

BQAN brand is currently the most followed nail supply company on Instagram, YouTube, and Alibaba. As of July 2023, BQAN has been a powerful brand with a history of 13 years, which is exported to overseas markets and has tens of thousands of sales partners all over the world. You find that there is a BQAN brand on any self-media platform, providing demand for more nail lovers.

BQAN brand main category

The BQAN brand is mainly engaged in nail brushes, nail froms, fake nails, and nail plates. It has been operating in these categories for 13 years. It has mature production technology and technology, high-quality requirements, and allows customers to obtain high-quality products at low prices. The price is the service tenet of BQAN company