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2023 Mexico Exhibition:Innovative Nail Art Brush Sets & Kolinsky Hair Brushes

Mar 23,2024 | bqan beautys

On October 25, 2023, the Mexico exhibition came to a successful conclusion, and BQAN, the cosmetics company based in Nanchang, had the opportunity to engage with both new and loyal customers. They aimed to provide better service to their clientele, underlining their commitment to delivering superior quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. BQAN, a brand with 13 years of history, has consistently offered an exceptional experience to its customers, particularly through their Nail Art Brush Set. Their Kolinsky Hair brushes are renowned for their quality and precision, making them a favorite among professional nail artists.

At this exhibition, the company unveiled numerous outstanding designs for their Nail Brush Sets, which included the popular Kolinsky Hair brushes and other specialty brushes like the nail liner brush and nails gel brush. These brushes, with their impeccable bristle quality, are indispensable tools for nail artists looking to create intricate and stunning designs. Moreover, BQAN showcased their innovative Nail Form collection, a must-have for nail extension applications.

BQAN’s emphasis on its customer service team is notable as it plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers often have inquiries about product specifications and usage, and BQAN’s dedicated team is well-equipped to provide the needed information and assistance.

In conclusion, BQAN, the cosmetics company from Nanchang, made a significant impact at the Mexico exhibition held on October 26, 2023. Their active participation and commitment to customer satisfaction, along with their high-quality Nail Art Brush Set and related products, such as Kolinsky Hair brushes, nail liner brush, and nails gel brush, not only enhanced their brand’s reputation but also contributed to the development of the beauty industry. We hope that their ongoing efforts will continue to drive progress in the industry and elevate customer satisfaction.